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At Athera, our nationally and internationally certified Plastic surgeon assess the patient thoroughly and treatment plan is formulated as per grading of Accessory/Supernumerary Breast. It involves removal of breast tissue in areas beyond the normal breast location by using combination of treatment modalities.

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What is Accessory/Supernumerary Breast?

Accessory/Supernumerary breast tissue is a developmental variation whereby abnormal breast tissue is found in addition to normal breast. It can be found anywhere along the “mammary line” extending from armpit to the normal chest nipples and downwards to the inner thigh. It is often noticed at puberty at different times of menstrual cycle, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, weight gain can make it look worse.

Which is the most common site of Accessory breast?

It can grow anywhere along the “mammary/milk line”, but most commonly noticed in axilla/armpit.

What are the symptoms associated with Accessory/Supernumerary Breast?

Symptomatic accessory breast usually manifests as a painful swelling of the affected region, thickening of skin, limited range of shoulder motion, irritation from clothing and poor aesthetic appearance of the armpit.

Can accessory breast tissue develop cancer?

Accessory breast cancer is a rare entity with extremely low incidence rate


One can enjoy the following benefits of surgery:
  • Elimination of undesirable contour in the underarm area
  • Improved mobility of the arm
  • Less irritation caused by clothing
  • Surgical removal, liposuction or combination of both (preferred approach)
    In the hands of experienced Plastic surgeon scars are barely visible. Surgical incision is taken along the natural skin crease and also with appropriate post operative care scars are unremarkable.
    Recurrence is extremely rare after surgical treatment of accessory/supernumerary breast.

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