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At Athera, our expert Dr. Ujwal Chirde, will examine you and discuss your options for better results. Our goal is to understand your reasons for choosing to undergo Breast Implant exchange and your aesthetic goals.

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What is Breast Implant exchange?

It is a surgery done under general anaesthesia to remove an existing implant and replace it with new implant. It is commonly done with Breast lift which helps to reshape the Breast and elevate a drooping nipple.

Who needs Breast Implant exchange?

  1. Existing implants that are too large for your body frame.
  2. Implant that no longer lend correct volume or shape (progression through pregnancy and breast feeding, changes due to weight fluctuation or hormonal changes)
  3. Need of different size for best match (aesthetic preference)
  4. Risk associated with existing Implant (ruptured implant/ Implant leak/severe capsular contracture/Implant malposition)


Modern technology allows Silicone breast implant good for many reasons including their longevity and durability. Many surgeons and patients have found that Silicone implants can last for 10 years.

Best way is to do MRI scan to confirm leak or rupture in silicone implant.

“Bottoming out” term is given to implant displacement where Implant drops below the skin crease underneath the Breast. This can occur for various reasons including patient’s overall skin, tissue and collagen quality.

Breast Implant removal surgery can be relatively straight forward but each scenario is patient dependent and can vary based on type and age of implant and amount of scar tissue surrounding the implant.

Breast implants do not directly cause breasts to sag over time. Breasts will continue to age throughout the life as it would even without an implant.Also, pregnancy, breast feeding, weight fluctuation, hormonal changes can cause sagging.

Swelling, bruising, pain/discomfort are to be expected and should resolve with medication over the coming weeks. Compression Bra or garment helps to manage swelling and provide additional support. Most of the patients need atleast a week of recovery before they can return to normal activity. Exercise and other strenuous activities should be avoided for 6 weeks.

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