Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammaplasty)

Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammaplasty)

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It is a procedure to reduce the size of breast and improve breast shape and form.

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Why to go for Breast reduction surgery

Large breast can cause pain in breast, neck, shoulder and back. There maybe issues with posture, skin discomfort or shoulder grooves from bra straps. Some patients have dissatisfaction with large breast size and feeling of heaviness and/or droopiness of breast. Ultimately, this patient driven decision based on their aesthetic goals. You can expect relief from your symptoms after breast reduction.

How Breast reduction is performed?

In this procedure for reshaping the breast in proportion to rest of the patient’s body, excess breast tissue and excess skin is removed. Droopy nipple which is common in large breast is elevated to new aesthetic position. Liposuction of chest sometimes maybe done in the same setting to improve final shape of your new breast.


Weight fluctuations can cause changes in breast size. We encourage our patients to be within 10 pounds of their ideal weight prior to surgery.
We advise patients to wear their compression bra for 6 weeks following surgery. After this time frame patients may sleep without bra.
Can breast grow after breast reduction?
It is relatively safe procedure. We recommend choosing board certified plastic surgeon for your cosmetic procedure so that all safety measures are taken during surgery. Seroma (fluid collection), gapping of suture line and occasionally ischemia of nipple areola complex is some of the theoretical risks.
Patients are prescribed pain killers, anti-inflammatory medications, antibiotics and multivitamins for few weeks after surgery. Mostly, peak swelling occurs at around 3 to 5 days after surgery. Over subsequent weeks swelling will gradually decrease. At around 6 weeks majority of swelling will resolve. We recommend avoiding activity or exercise which increase heart rate and/or blood pressure for 6weeks after surgery. Final results are reassessed 3 months after surgery.
Sutures used are completely absorbable. Sutures starts to dissolve after about 3 months of surgery.
Although, nipple is maneuvered into correct aesthetic position, nerve and blood supply are kept intact. While it is still possible that some nerves maybe affected during surgery and cause hypo or hypersensitivity may occur.

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