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For the premier Vaginal Tightening Doctor in Pune, look no further than Athera Plastic Surgery. Our expert surgeons, renowned as leading vaginal tightening doctors in Pune, specialize in vaginoplasty, offering cutting-edge techniques tailored to enhance comfort, function, and confidence. With a focus on safety and meticulous care, we strive to deliver transformative results that exceed expectations. Whether you seek restoration after childbirth or desire enhanced intimate wellness, our compassionate team is committed to providing personalized care in a discreet and supportive environment. Discover the difference at Athera Plastic Surgery, where your satisfaction and well-being are our top priorities.

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What are indications for Vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty is indicated for:
– gender confirmation surgery in transgender individuals
– correction of congenital abnormalities
– reconstruction following traumatic injuries.
The decision is often a result of careful consideration involving medical, psychological, and
ethical factors.

Who is suitable candidate for Vaginoplasty surgery?

Ideal candidates for vaginoplasty are individuals in,
 good physical health
 psychologically stable
 possess realistic expectations.
Thorough consultations with the surgical team help assess suitability and address any

How is Vaginoplasty surgery performed?

Prior to surgery, a comprehensive pre-operative assessment is conducted. This involves medical evaluations, psychological counseling, and discussions about the patient’sexpectations. In the case of gender confirmation surgery, hormonal therapy may be administered to facilitate optimal results.
The surgical procedure involves using penile and scrotal tissues to create a neovagina. For patients with a shallow vaginal canal, surgeons augment depth through techniques like tissue dissection, mobilization, and, if necessary, grafts. This individualized approach ensures both functionality and aesthetic goals are met. Post-operative care, including dilation exercises, is crucial for maintaining the achieved depth and optimizing outcomes.


After surgery, patients follow a post-operative protocol that includes;
- meticulous wound care
 -dilation exercises to maintain vaginal depth and width
 -scheduled follow-up appointments.
Diligent adherence to this protocol is crucial for successful outcomes.

After surgery, patients follow a post-operative protocol that includes meticulous wound
care, dilation exercises to maintain vaginal depth and width, and scheduled follow-up
appointments. Diligent adherence to this protocol is crucial for successful outcomes.

Certain medical conditions or mental health issues may be contraindications for
vaginoplasty. These could include uncontrolled medical conditions, significant
psychological instability, or unrealistic expectations. Each case is unique, and decisions
are made on an individual basis.

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