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Scar Treatment

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Any injury to skin will eventually result in formation of scar. Scars come in various forms and may result from trauma, burns, acne and surgery.

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✪ When to consult a Plastic surgeon for scars?

  • If you feel that your scars are unsightly especially on face.
  • If your scars are growing in size, develop itching or pain.
  • If your scars are lighter or darker than surrounding skin.
  • If your scars limit range of motion in joint areas like neck, axilla, elbow and knee.
  • If a long-standing scar develops a wound or has discharge from it.

✪ What Plastic surgeon can offer for scars?

Type of treatment depends on type of scars which includes:

  • Topical- Compression bandages/Pressure garments, Silicone sheets and Gels
  • Injectable treatment- series of injections maybe required for Hypertrophic and Keloid scars
  • Surface treatment- Dermabrasion/resurfacing,Laser resurfacing, Chemical peels, Skin bleaching
  • Surgery- Excision, Skin grafting, Z-plasty, Scar revision, scar subcision and Fat grafting, Tissue expander, Flap cover depending on type and extent of scar

✪ FAQ's

Applying petroleum jelly (Vaseline) or any moisturizer keeps it moist, prevent desiccation and scab formation. Applying Sunscreen in sun exposed area can prevent scars from turning dark.

Compression garments apply pressure and reduce blood flow to scarred area which can reduce thickness. Garments can relieve itching, burning and pain caused by thick scar.

Intralesional Steroids injection helps to reduce inflammatory process within the scar thereby reducing itching, redness, thickness, helps to flatten and smoothen the scars.

Laser therapy improves elasticity of skin. Scars react over time by gradually flattening and softening. Scars that are dark loose some pigment and lighten to some extent. In many scars’ redness, thickness and itching reduces.

Quality of scar formation depends on lot of factors. Extent of scar formation varies from one person to another. However, scars can never be erased. They can be made to look better. Scars are inevitable following injury. Treatment improves appearance of scars but cannot erase scars completely. We can reduce it or hide it.

Depressed scars of acne, burns, etc. can be raised by needle subcision with further skin rejuvenation by auto-fat grafting. Usually, it requires multiple settings for better cosmetic results. It can be done alone or along with fat grafting and lasers.

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