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Dr. Ujwal Chirde’s influence extends globally, with his insightful articles gracing the pages of both national and international journals. His scholarly contributions have not only enriched the discourse within the field of plastic surgery but have also garnered recognition on a global scale.

In prestigious national journals, Dr. Chirde’s work serves as a cornerstone for advancing the understanding of intricate surgical techniques and their applications. His articles delve into the nuances of aesthetic refinement and reconstructive precision, offering valuable insights to his peers and shaping the evolving landscape of plastic surgery.

On the international stage, Dr. Chirde’s research has found resonance, bridging the gap between diverse medical communities. His publications in renowned journals reflect a commitment to sharing knowledge that transcends borders, fostering a collaborative spirit within the global medical fraternity.

By consistently contributing to both national and international journals, Dr. Ujwal Chirde not only elevates his standing within the field but also contributes to the collective growth of plastic surgery as a science that knows no geographical boundaries.

Some research done by Dr. Ujwal Chirde as mestion below :

1. Gynecomastia: Our experience at Tertiary Centre; International Journal of Recent Scientific Research, Vol. 10, Issue 06, pp. 33160-33163, June 2019
2. Versatility of Reverse Sural artery Flap (RSAF) in management of lower limb defect: Our experience; International Journal of Orthopedics Sciences 2021, 7(2): 583-590
3. Surgical management of Extracapsular condylar fracture: Our method; Journal of Oral Research and Review 15(2):p 110-116, Jul-Dec 2023. | DOI: 10.4103/jorr.jorr_49_22

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